Puthettu Sarppakkavu

Sarppabali, a very rare and auspicious pooja which happens only once in 15 years is scheduled to be held at Puhettu Sarppakkavu on Sunday, the 10th of December 2017. All devotees are coordially invited to be part of this auspicious pooja

Puthettu Sarppakkavu, located at the heart of Kottayam town is owned by the 'Puthettu Kudumbam', Kodimatha Kottayam, a renowned ancient Hindu Nair Family . The kavu is a an age old Hindu place of worship.The ‘Kavu', which has a history of many centuries, housed Hindu serpant deities which were worshipped by the ancestors of Puthettu family in an elaborate form. However the ‘Kavu' was in a degraded and demolished state for the past few decades.The deities and all signs of the place, being a ‘Kavu' (place of Hindu worship) were removed or demolished by anti socials.

The site provides valuable information about the history and renovation activities done at the 'Kavu' and how it has now regained its past glory and reputation. The hindu places of worship was always associated with music forms both traditional and classical music. Carnatic music is the most popular classical music form practiced in southern India

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